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Will, Fully Zen (ish)

Hello, I'm Will. Former teacher & coach, current doodler and marketer/content creator. 

I have nearly a decade of experience coaching and teaching grades K-8, and welcome opportunities to support education & young people (which makes me feel very old, typing those words).

I have created, managed, and reported on content across all major platforms, ranging from social media posts, to YouTube scripts, to speeches and competitive analyses. 

Both my background and personal pursuits (I love movies, reading, drawing, poetry (especially Haiku), Scrabble, hiking, and painting) revolve around words and telling a story.  I welcome the opportunity to contribute to yours.

Parties interested in custom work please contact

Professional inquiries may contact me on the appropriate channels.

All parties are encouraged to ask about the site name - I do love to talk.

Warm Regards,

-currently 67% Zen -

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